Sunday, October 17, 2004

new job, new house, new course

Nearly a month ago I started working as part-time youth worker for Holy Trinity Church, Millhouses, in Sheffield. I moved into a new house, which came with the job. I've also just started an MA in Mission Studies at Birmingham University. Which all in all makes quite a lot of new stuff.

I think the realisation of the changes I've gone/I'm going through, is just about starting to hit me. It's a bit daunting!!!

But with the all the new stuff going on, a new set of challenges and opportunities arise. This is probably a good thing, even though my sense of perspective on all this might not be quite there yet. I am excited about my new job, even though my enthusiam doesn't always shine through. There are so many new people to meet, and new opportunities to explore. There's so much potential. It's just a lot to take in at the moment.

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Andy said...

nice one bro. good to hear from you. we had cooper staying here the last couple of days - was good to see him again (we watched the Royle Family mainly).