Wednesday, January 31, 2007

how come i'm posting at this time again?

So it's really time I was going to bed, but strangely I find myself blogging again. Oh well.

In short, the films I have been to see of late are The Last King of Scotland, Rocky Balboa and Black Book. All three very good in their own different ways. Some more detailed reviews will follow, but now I'm just planning on going to bed.

Tomorrow I'm going down to St. John's Nottingham, to share some thoughts on the field of youth work with the Under-Graduate Course Committee of the Centre for Youth Ministry. I was a year-rep on this committee throughout my time at CYM, so going back as a field-rep is all a little it bizarre.

I shall post some of what I share once I have shared it, and once it has been fully committed to paper.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

in the middle of the night.....

Annoyingly my car alarm is being rubbish at the moment, so I'm awake in the middle(ish) of the night. Oh well. At least it works.

I know it's been ages since I've been on here. Sorry. To those who have been concerned about my well-being, I am able to report that I am well. Just been a bit busy, and not massively motivated to post on here.

The last month has been pretty good. I'm slowly getting better at giving myself time off - I've been on a retreat for a weekend, and been to the cinema three times this month. If I were feeling particularly motivated I'd post some reviews, but I don't want to push it.

A guy has just been out to sort out the alarm, as best as he can do. So now I'm going to go and hopefully enjoy an alarm free night....until the morning, at which point my alarm clock will be very annoying.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a christmas baptismal hymn

Last Sunday (the 31st December), we had a baptism at church. During the service we sang a really nice song, to the tune of Infant lowly, infanf holy - it was a Christmas baptismal hymn:

Lord, we meet you,
Christ, we greet you,
born a child and yet a King.
Round your cradle,
in the stable,
we would each our praises bring.
From above us, you come near us,
show you love us, ever hear us.
Now to you we glory sing.
Now to you we glory sing.

Saviour Jesus,
now be near us
as we bring our lives to you.
In our children
may your love sing.
May they know your promise true.
Water flowing, Spririt sending,
faith a-growing, Love unending.
Take their lives and make them new.
Take their lives and make them new.

In their growing
keep them knowing
of the wonder of your love.
Root their living
in the giving
of the Saviour from above.
Living Jesus, stand among us;
ever with us, go before us.
In our lives your Spirit move.
Let us all your loving prove.

(Leith Fisher)

Now I know this is meant to be a Christmas baptismal hymn, but I just thought is really sums up my thoughts on what I hope for the young people with whom I work.

Happy New Year

Well I guess this post really does what it says on the tin. Thought I'd wish you a Happy New Year. So there you go....