Wednesday, January 03, 2007

a christmas baptismal hymn

Last Sunday (the 31st December), we had a baptism at church. During the service we sang a really nice song, to the tune of Infant lowly, infanf holy - it was a Christmas baptismal hymn:

Lord, we meet you,
Christ, we greet you,
born a child and yet a King.
Round your cradle,
in the stable,
we would each our praises bring.
From above us, you come near us,
show you love us, ever hear us.
Now to you we glory sing.
Now to you we glory sing.

Saviour Jesus,
now be near us
as we bring our lives to you.
In our children
may your love sing.
May they know your promise true.
Water flowing, Spririt sending,
faith a-growing, Love unending.
Take their lives and make them new.
Take their lives and make them new.

In their growing
keep them knowing
of the wonder of your love.
Root their living
in the giving
of the Saviour from above.
Living Jesus, stand among us;
ever with us, go before us.
In our lives your Spirit move.
Let us all your loving prove.

(Leith Fisher)

Now I know this is meant to be a Christmas baptismal hymn, but I just thought is really sums up my thoughts on what I hope for the young people with whom I work.

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