Monday, February 28, 2005

not the best weekend ever

So when we consider what really matters in life (sport), this weekend was hardly very good. Like a fool I went to watch Chesterfield lose 3-1 against Peterborough, who were next to bottom of Div 2/3/Coco League 1. That merely compounded the pain of last week's football viewing at 'Fortress Saltergate'.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Liverpool lost to Chelsea, and England lost to Ireland (at rugby). :-(

However, I have a funny feeling that the tragic events of this weekend will not stop me wasting more money watching abismal football in the future.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

utterly dismal

So it turns out I was hoping for too much. Chesterfield never looked like putting up any real resistance to Sheffield Wednesday. Disappointingly we lost 3-1. Ah well, you can't win them all.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

reading week

This last week has been a reading week for university. While I have done quite a bit of reading this week, I have to confess that none of it has had a particular academic focus. Well it might have some impact later, I just haven't realised it yet.

I picked up a copy of The Da Vinci Code in Sainsbury's. I couldn't put it down, finished it in two days. Whatever you make of the historical accuracy (or lack thereof) it is a well written book, that really draws you in.

Over the last few weeks I've been reading a couple of books by the Linn's. The who's you may ask. They were described to be as charismatic Catholics. They've written quite a lot of books from what I gather. The first book I read by them is called Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life. In the book the Linn's describe the Examen - a process by which we think about what gives us life, and what takes it away.

I'm currently in the middle of another book by the Linn's - Healing the Purpose of Your Life. I'm not very far through it yet, but I imagine I will blog on it in due course.

I'm also in the middle of The Motorcycle Diaries. Now I know that it is/was cool to like Che Guevara, or at least have a t-shirt with his face on it. But I went to see the film when it came out a few months ago, and really enjoyed it. Not only is it an entertaining film, depicting his journey (with a friend and a motorbike) around South America, but it also gives an insight into the background of the guy who we all now know about and instantly recognise. The thing that struck me about him, was his compassion for the marginalised and the oppressed - something that is quite close to my own heart as well. Well worth a look/read in my opinion.

the last seven days

It's been quite a good week really. Last Sunday's licencing service went off without any major hitches. In the end I really enjoyed the service, and it was great to see church so full.

My computer has been pretty poorly of late. Had to go away to computer hospital a couple of weeks ago. I thankfully got it back on Wednesday. Annoyingly I lost the contents of the hard disk (I had backed up some stuff thank goodness), and it now has a new DVD/CD drive. Seems to be working ok for the moment.

Anyway, more importantly, this afternoon I'm off to watch Chesterfield take on Sheffield Wednesday at Saltergate. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous (though not as nervous as before the licencing service), but hopefully it should be an entertaining afternoon. Lets hope we pick up at least one point - is it too much to hope for all three???

Friday, February 11, 2005

feb 13

For the last couple of weeks now my inbox has been buzzing with emails whose subject line reads 'Feb 13' or word to that effect. On Sunday, the Bishop of Doncaster (Cyril) is coming to licence me to do youth work. I know I've already been doing youth work here for a nearly 5 months, but we eventually managed to find a slot in his diary where he could come along on a Sunday morning, and licence/commission me. Should be a good time, I'm just getting fed up of sorting things for it.

While I recognise that it will be good for the church to see me being officially recognised by the diocese, I've had to spend hours sorting things out, which when you're only part time anyway, really eats up 'proper' youth work hours.

Ah well. It shoudln't be too bad. As ever I'm a tad nervous about speaking in front of the whole church (+ bishop, friends, various visitors inc. my Mum and Dad). But in all honesty, I will be very relieved when it's all done and I can get on with my youth work.