Friday, February 11, 2005

feb 13

For the last couple of weeks now my inbox has been buzzing with emails whose subject line reads 'Feb 13' or word to that effect. On Sunday, the Bishop of Doncaster (Cyril) is coming to licence me to do youth work. I know I've already been doing youth work here for a nearly 5 months, but we eventually managed to find a slot in his diary where he could come along on a Sunday morning, and licence/commission me. Should be a good time, I'm just getting fed up of sorting things for it.

While I recognise that it will be good for the church to see me being officially recognised by the diocese, I've had to spend hours sorting things out, which when you're only part time anyway, really eats up 'proper' youth work hours.

Ah well. It shoudln't be too bad. As ever I'm a tad nervous about speaking in front of the whole church (+ bishop, friends, various visitors inc. my Mum and Dad). But in all honesty, I will be very relieved when it's all done and I can get on with my youth work.

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