Wednesday, January 31, 2007

how come i'm posting at this time again?

So it's really time I was going to bed, but strangely I find myself blogging again. Oh well.

In short, the films I have been to see of late are The Last King of Scotland, Rocky Balboa and Black Book. All three very good in their own different ways. Some more detailed reviews will follow, but now I'm just planning on going to bed.

Tomorrow I'm going down to St. John's Nottingham, to share some thoughts on the field of youth work with the Under-Graduate Course Committee of the Centre for Youth Ministry. I was a year-rep on this committee throughout my time at CYM, so going back as a field-rep is all a little it bizarre.

I shall post some of what I share once I have shared it, and once it has been fully committed to paper.

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Sarah Brush said...

someone came to my blog thru yrs - probably because yours has nothing new on it!!! How u doing?