Monday, December 13, 2004

it's all in the timing

Last week was hardly what I'd call fun. Having exhausted myself at our church Christmas fair on Saturday (GNVQ in Grotto construction and decoration successfully obtained), I was then given a whole 40 minutes warning that I was doing the talk at church on Sunday night. "Oh! Did you not get that message?"

The fun continued on Tuesday when, having caught some joyous strain of stomach bug I found myself unable to hold down a cup of water, and so tired that moving was genuinely a real effort. This all happened in Birmingham, which meant that while I missed a couple of lectures at uni, my Mum and Dad had to trek down to rescue me.

The car went into the garage for a service on Thursday. We eventually managed to get a courtesy car once Direct Line's computers had stopped crashing.

On Friday I met up with my pastoral support guy. He's pretty cool and I find meeting up with him really helpful. He asked me whether I have a system for dealing with frustration. "Does bottling it up count?" I asked.

Sometimes life just seems to save up various irritations, and hurl them at you all at once. It sucks. Ah well, at least I can get on with writing my essays now.

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