Wednesday, March 23, 2005


This evening we continued our series of Holy Week Reflective Services. Using 4 planks we reflected on Mark 11: 15-18, where Jesus cleared the temple.

In tonight's installation the four planks were set up to symbolise a broken table, with money, weighing scales and feathers (from the doves which were being sold) scattered around.

For the main part of the service we did a guided meditation, imagining that we witnessed Jesus going in and clearing the temple. We then thought about those who were being exploited by these money changers and animal sellers, the poor and marginalised - those that Jesus came to be with. Towards the end of the service we were invited to light a candle and place it on the installation, as an act of prayer for the poor and oppressed.

I found the whole service quite moving. Not least because once the candles had been added to the installation it was so beautiful - hope in the midst of the mess, the corruption and the chaos.

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