Tuesday, November 07, 2006

google searches

Now, when I've checked my site statistics, you know, just under the little counter in the left hand column of this blog, and clicked on referrers, I've been intrigued to see some of the pages from which people have been referred to my blog.

It's particualrly interesting seeing the Google searches which lead people here. There have been some quite random things which have led people here, all of which slip my mind at this moment. But when people seach for "phil goodacre sheffield church", I'm guessing that they are searching for me.

It'd be really nice to know who you are, if you are looking for me. So feel free to leave a comment......;o)


Sarah Brush said...


scary huh?!

Anonymous said...

someone clicked through to me looking for "Phil Goodacre cool northern youth worker!"
Are you being stalked?

Phil Goodacre said...

well thanks for saying im northern.

for a while i've feared that chesterfield counts as the midlands.