Wednesday, July 04, 2007

currently listening to.....and wondering.....

....the new Crowded House album. And I rather like it. 'The Best of Crowded House' has been a long time favourite album of mine, though I've never really listened to their individual albums.

I'm certainly not disappointed with the purchase, only disappointed that I bought it at Tesco, rather than the now sadly deceased Fopp. I know, I know, but its just cheaper at Tesco. And Fopp isn't open in the middle of the night allowing me to make impulse buys.

As I said, I've liked Crowded House for years. Their 'Best of' album has been one that has accompanied me through life, the songs evoking a wealth of feelings within me. Some good, some not so good.... Every time I hear a Crowded House song on the radio, I'm repeatedly annoyed when the following song is not the next one on the 'Best of' album, but rather some other drivel that really can't compare to sometimes soothing, sometimes haunting track I had hoped for.

Another recent purchase was Mark Ronson's 'Version'. Unbeknown to me I'd previously listened to, and very much enjoyed his reworking of 'Just' by Radiohead on 'Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads', another excellent album which I'd thoroughly recommend.

It kind of feels like I've not brought that many CD's recently, which may be a good thing. I can't help but wonder if I'm getting stuck in a rut, or maybe it's more like settling into a comfy chair. Maybe listening to too much Radio 2 is taking its toll on me. I've just become concious that I listen to a few albums time and again, mainly from a similar genre, rather than going out and listening to new, different, maybe more challenging things.

I'm not sure that this is an entirely bad thing, maybe I don't want music to 'challenge me', maybe other areas of life are challenging me, but then again maybe other areas of life aren't challenging me and all areas of life are settling into a bit of a rut....

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Andy G said...

Mate, check out I discovered it about a month ago by accident, and they have a lot of cool music on there. Not much that you will have heard of before, but loads of independant stuff, esp. good jazz and world stuff.