Tuesday, November 23, 2004

and life goes on

Well I've been suitably busy of late. Suprisingly I am struggling to keep to my 16 hours a week that I am supposed to be working for church. Obviously we're looking forward to Christmas, and all the numerous services/fairs/social events which that enatails. But we're also now looking ahead to Easter, planning services for Holy Week.

While I am enjoying work, and I am quite excited about the Holy Week services (more about that in the future), I was reminded of an important fact today. The church calendar - love it or hate it - should me a tool we can use to pace our lives, giving us time to reflect on the different experiences we have at different times of the year.

Planning ahead is all well and good, and often quite necessary, but I know that I must make time to stop, and reflect on the things that are going on around me at the moment. Obviously this can be quite difficult when you are involved in running events, co-ordinating services etc. But somehow I must make sure that I am not simply blown along, always looking to the future without enjoying the present.

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