Sunday, April 16, 2006

happy easter!!! (hello again)

Happy Easter!!!

And hello again to the blogosphere. I know its been a little while since I was last on here....sorry. Initially I was busy, then it got into Lent, and I thought to myself that I'd stop blogging for the duration of Lent (along with giving up take-aways), and see how I felt about blogging at Easter (which is now).

I have to say the break did me good. I quite enjoyed not having the pressure of feeling I ought to blog. Towards the end of Lent, esp. during Holy Week, I came to realise that I had quite missed I'm back. (try to contain your emotions now)

Thanks to those people who got in touch one way or another to check I was ok. I recognise that it might have been a good idea to post stating that I was taking a break, but I just didn't get round to it. It's also been interesting to note how the whole blogging community works (or doesn't) when somebody ceases to blog.

Anyhoo...I'm currently trying to finish off my final essay for univeristy before going to Spring Harvest on Tuesday. I'll still have my dissertation to do over the summer, but for now, "A critique of 21st century British theologians proposals for a Christian recovery in Britain"(or words to that affect), is keeping my amused.

That'll do for now methinks. Will try to post again before I go away on Tuesday....


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Charlotte said...

Good to have you back.