Sunday, June 04, 2006

lazy weekend

This weekend has been really rather nice. I've done very little. I think I deserved it after the energy sapping experience of last weekend (scout camp).

After a lazy Saturday morning, which consisted of me getting up, getting my hair cut, and buying a paper, Saturday afternoon saw me enjoy England's 6-0 victory over Jamaica in the football. Peter Crouch showed us a few moves, video footage of which Moog has found.

That evening me and my housemate went to Blockbuster to get a couple of films. This first of which was The New World, with Colin Farrell and Christian Bale. Basically it is the story of Pocohontas, set in the early years of 'America'. It's a very nice looking film, and it is clear to see the simiarities between this and The Thin Red Line, both of which are beautifully directed by Terrence Malick.

The second film we got out was Seven Swords. Again, this was a very good looking film, though it was in Mandarin with English subtitles. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining, really nicely shot film, with some well crafted fight scenes. If you can cope with the subtitles, and the sometimes slow pace of the story, then I'd say that it is worth a watch.

I've not (really) had to work today either. Sundays normally keep me quite busy, but we decided to cancel both Sunday youth groups with it being half-term. Not having to plan the groups gave me a bit of time during the week to do a bit more thinking about my looming dissertation.

I've got a tutorial on Tuesday, down in Birmingham. It'll be nice to go down to Birmingham, I've actually quite missed going down there every week since lectures stopped at Easter. My dissertation will be something to do with exploring the terms 'Youth Work' and 'Youth Ministry', something I've blogged about before, as have quite a few other people. It's probably something I bang on about a bit more on here over the coming months.

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