Monday, October 16, 2006


....for not blogging in ages. Sorry. For various reasons I've either not got round to posting, or just not felt like posting.

Over the past couple of weeks life just seems to have got a bit busy, and there have been times when things have just got a bit on top of me. But today is a day off. Which is lovely. And I've got a few more days off in the diary as well. So that's good.

For those people who are interested, work is going really well. Keeping busy! I'm finding it no problem to fill the four days a week which church now pay me for. Though I never expected it would be too arduous a task.

As I've said before, I've finished my dissertation, though I am kind of missing studying already. I've started a new course (not academic), run by the Sheffield Diocese, called "Discipleship and Spiritual Growth", or something like that. Went to the first proper day of that last Thursday. I'm doing the course as part of work, which is nice - professional development and all that. I think it will be good for me - just to have a bit of structured time for me to use to process some of where I'm at at the moment. Might blog a little more on that in due course, might not though. We'll see.

I've got a cold at the moment :o( , and yes, I did think you'd want to know that.....

If anyone is interested, I'm contemplating going to this in Sheffield, and to this in Manchester. Let me know if you might be going as well.

Right, think that's about all for now, other than to say that in eight days time it'll be time for Chesterfield to play West Ham in the Carling Cup, and I'm very excited. I bought my ticket on Saturday after a rather disappointing result against Swansea (The fact that 3-2 would have made for a thrilling game for a neutral does not cheer me up). May well go to watch Chesterfield play away at Doncaster this coming Saturday with my vicar - who is a Doncaster fan. Hopefully we'll still be on speaking terms come 5pm.

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Liz Goodacre said...

Hey Phil, good to hear you managed to get your dissertation done. Congrats! Try not to miss it too much - maybe enjoy the relief for a while!

Take care and keep in touch, Liz