Thursday, November 17, 2005

knock, ring, letters through your door....

So the postman came a little while ago....

Amongst the crap there were two things of note. Firstly a letter confirming that I had been unsuccessful in a job interview earlier this week. Second the new Howies winter catalogue arrived :o)

Regular readers might have notices that my posting frequency has been rather low over the last few weeks. Truth be told, this whole job thing has been playing on my mind. It's been something I've been thinking about a great deal, but I've not really wanted to share about it on here. As I like my writings on here to be about stuff that I'm currently thinking about, I've kinda opted for not sharing much at all.


Anyway, life goes on, I'm just off into our local secondary school to have a chat with the head of R.E., and then I'm helping out at their new after-school club. I get to play with computers and things. Tis a hard life I know.

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