Tuesday, November 08, 2005

'reading week'

I'm currently taking two modules at university. On Mondays I study Religion in Contemporary Global Politics, on Tuesdays I study Post-colonial Criticism and Biblical Interpretation. They're both quite interesting subjects. Annoyingly the reading week for each module have come at different times. A bit frustrating. Anyway, I thought it would be best to make the most of the time I had so I caught up in somew cinema-going!!

Last week I went to see Lord of War, starring Nicholas Cage. It's not a bad film actually. It tells the story of an amrs dealer, how he has gone about his business over the last however many years. A chunk of the film is set in Liberia, where, in the real world, they are currently holding elections, and George Weah, the former Chelsea footballer, is one of the presidential candidates. Anyway, the film was really good, and I quite liked the ending. I won't say what happened, just in case you haven't seen the film, but I enjoyed it.

Yesterday I went to watch 'Good Night, and Good Luck' (couldn't find an official website). Theres a review of the film from the New York Times here. The film tells the story of CBS journalist Edward R. Murrow, as he reported on, critiqued, challenged and questioned the activities of Senator Joseph McCarthy (he of 'Communist witch-hunt fame). I didn't know a whole lot about the history of that time, and now I have at least seen one point of view. The film was very good though. It's directed by George Clooney, shot wholey in black and white, and has a pretty smooth sound track. The film isn't officially released in the UK until February next year, but when it does come out, it's well worth a watch.


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Hey I get a reading week but it's like a WHOLE week ;oD

wild rose pilgrim said...

I am posting a comment not because I have read you blog, but because you posted on mine. Forgive me for not having time to read, I will. Just wanted to thank you for caring, It warmed my entire being up, and tell you I will get around to engaging myself in your life as soon as I can.. lots of love and life!!! =)