Monday, November 21, 2005

why do we believe in God?

Ok ok ok. I have some inkling as to what I might answer when asked this question. Which is convenient, because on Thursday I'm going in to our local secondary school to talk with some GCSE R.E. students about why Christians believe in God (hmmm, that should be easy). Thankfully the R.E. teacher said she wasn't expecting me to convert them all (which is good), but I'm still not exactly sure what I'm gonna say.

If on the off chance anybody reads this before Thursday, do feel free to offer any thoughts/comments/hints.....


Pete Lev said...

Probably too late - but when I did schools lessons the answers were: upbringing, exerience -inc. miracles, creation, the Bible. May have been more. Always boiled down not proof but faith

Phil Goodacre said...

thanks pete

those were pretty much the answers i had in mind.

figured honesty was the best policy, and used those kind of ideas.