Wednesday, August 30, 2006

end of the summer?

Having come back from Greenbelt today, it now really does feel like the end of the summer. There's so many thoughts going round in my head at the moment - reflections from Greenbelt, reflections from Taize earlier in the summer, wonderings about where life is heading etc etc.

One of the things I really found helpful at Greenbelt was the Taize worship services on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. One song which was sung at at least two of the services, was "In manus Tuas, Pater":
In manus tuas, Pater, commendo spiritum meum
Into your hands, Father, I commend my spirit
This trusting things to God has been something on my mind particularly over the summer, including when I lost my mobile phone at Greenbelt. Thankfully it was handed in to the lost property place, and I was able to reclaim it, but the thought of losing my phone, with the contacts for both my social and professional lives was quite overwhelming.

But having sung that song at the Taize service, after which I discovered I had lost my phone, the feeling of being overwhelmed really didn't last that long. It was just a natural thing to say "ok God, I need some help here, I need a miracle here" and God did His stuff, and my phone is sitting next to me now, dried out from the rain and working fine.

I want to take this trusting on into my work life over the next few months and beyond.....

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