Thursday, August 24, 2006

the weekend starts here

Am off to Greenbelt tomorrow morning. At last. It's been a mixed week, for a variety of reasons which I really can't be bothered to go into now. I've been looking forward to Greenbelt for a while, and I still am, though I'm knackered before I even arrive.....not sure I'm gonna catch up on sleep while I'm there. Oh well.

Most looking forward to the Taize stuff, Daniel Bedingfield, Courtney Pine and also the magicians from channel 4 who did the miracles of Jesus series. Last year I made the mistake of going to too much stuff. This year I don't intend to make the same mistake again....ok, so I may be forced to take those words back in due course. Also hoping to hear Shane Claiborne, Walter Wink and Dave Andrews, all of whose books I have read in recent years.

Just need to pack now. And sleep in a bed for the last time for a few days. And possibly have a shower for the last time in a few days!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Philly,

Just been reading about your fasinating insights...ironically this is the 1st time we´ve looked and it happens to be from costa rica whilst waiting out a big ass thunder storm (who´d come on holiday in the rainy season)!!

So I think it must be about time we got together for a few mrs Beeton meals and maybe a bit of fire toy action (now its getting dark early)..
We will be back in a few days if you fancy it...¿¿

Hope you enjoy/ed greenbelt.

See ya, Jo & Al x

moog said...

Do you exist?

Hope you enjoyed GB, unfortunately I don't know what you look like, so our paths may well have crossed during the weekend. I did, however, meet a few people who link to your blog, youthlog, phil smith, but none had met you - or had youthblog met u last year...

I forget, but it was amusing to think that perhaps you were just a figmant of someone's imagination.

Now about that cfc match...