Wednesday, November 21, 2007

and something else i've been meaning to do for a while.... start getting my fruit and veg delivered, through on of those organic fruit and veg box schemes. This is the website of the company I've started using.

A good friend of mine has been suggesting I start doing this for a number of months now. I put it off over the summer, knowing that I would be away, and not about to use stuff up.

One thing that I've noticed pretty quickly, is that with the produce being organic, it hasn't been treated with preservatives, therefore, you need to use it up a bit more promptly. This is no bad thing really. Made some soup today, and my freezer now contains various curried vegetables.

I know it is probably a bit more expensive doing it this way, and I can't help but feel just a bit pretentious doing this, but I'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to 'being forced' to use vegetables that I don't normally cook with.

Richard writes here about his experience at the River Cottage shop. While I enjoy getting my food through one of these box schemes, I can't help but wonder if what I'm actually doing is buying into some 'middle class guilt relief exercise', whereby I feel better about myself because I'm buying organic food, and not from a big supermarket......I don't know.....I think I could probably over analyse this too much.


neal whitehouse piper said...

Generally the veg should not have preservatives added (organic or not) The shelf life of box scheme delivered veg is usually longer as the veg spends less time in between the field and the plate. Supermarkets and others do store the veg between farmer and the end consumer and they also package food in that protective atmosphere which helps them, certain veg stores much better out of the fridge than in it, here is a list that may help good luck!

Pete Everitt said... is another site you can check out if you want some variety.

We've used them... but I'm not sure I want to admit that!