Wednesday, November 28, 2007

every so often you realise the journey is worthwhile

No, I'm afraid I'm not talking about something deeply profound, just football!!!

On Saturday I went down to Milton Keynes to watch Chesterfield. It was a fantastic game, which the BBC's report really doesn't do justice to. Both teams played some brilliant attacking football, which made for an open, and thoroughly entertaining game.

By the time it got to stoppage time, Chesterfield were leading 2-1, but it still felt like anything could happen. And it did. The Chesterfield fans were all standing at the end where MK Dons were attacking, the MK Dons fans were therefore, on the whole, at the other end of the stadium. MK Dons were attacking, about two minutes into the four minutes of stoppage time which had been announced. One of the MK Dons players managed to get the ball into the back of our net, the referee, with the help of his assistant, quickly ruled it out for handball. All the MK Dons fans, down at the other end thought that a legitimate goal had been scored. They all started cheering, thinking they had salvaged a draw from the game. Also oblivious to the referee's actions was the stadium announcer, who having assumed that the goal had been scored fairly, pressed the button to start MK Dons goal celebration music playing (Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis).

So imagine the scene, the MK Dons fans are singing and dancing along to the catchy "der de der, der de der, der de der de der de de" chorus of the aforementioned song, and having realised the comedy of the situation, all the Chesterfield fans starting singing and dancing along too. After a good ten or fifteen seconds, the stadium announcer realises what has happened, and sheepishly faded out the music, the MK Dons fans bring their celebrations to a swift conclusion, but the Chesterfield fans all keep singing even louder, dancing more exuberantly than before, until breaking down into hysterics, at what has possibly become one of my all time favourite football moments.

The 220 mile round trip was most definitely worth it.

Oh, did I mention that MK Dons were top of the league....

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