Friday, July 08, 2005

life goes on....

I totally recognise that the next thing I blog about risks seeming inappropirate following yesterday's events. I will blog more about yesterday, probably once I've reflected more on it, especially as I'm doing the talk/sermon thing at church on Sunday morning. But life does go on. It must.

One of the things that Andrew briefly talked about at the Re:source day attention spans. It's not that people in the emerging culture have short attention spans, rather they are used to a broad range of media, choice, and the freedom to choose.

This got me thinking about the way I engage with 'church', especially with worshipping together during church services. I know that I like silence, guitar-led songs, Taize chants, (some) hymns, stuff from the 'alt-worship' scene. I know that I like a mix of these things, time to reflect, time to engage, participate, do stuff.

It's not that I have a short attention span when it comes to this corporate worship time, rather I like a mix, a broad range of options and ways to participate/engage. I also like the freedom to choose.

I wonder. Is this selfish? Or healthy?

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St. Valdez said...

Phil - I would say it all depends on the context of your worship.

Worship is an every day thing, not something for us to attend or go to, but something we do as we go through our daily lives. A life of worship goes beyond Sundays.

If these times are the only times you "worhsip" then it would be selfish, wanting to squeeze in as much as you could to accomodate for a lack of living worship everyday.

On the other hand, if these various elements of worship flow out of a heart that has already been living worship everyday, then it would be healthy as you explore different ways to engage in worship.

I think the only real choice we have is to be or not be obedient to worship in the way the Spirit leads us. It is as He draws us in and leads us that we are freed to worship.

Great thoughts good questions. I think I'll be coming here more often. Cheers!