Thursday, July 07, 2005

reaction to the london bombings

I've been watching the news for most of the morning. I've noted a number of different reactions from various people. I'm not trying to say that I am happy about what has happened. Of course I'm not. But just because we are now the victims of violence, we can not forget those who have been victims of violent acts committed in our name over recent years. You might find this prayer helpful.

Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London) talked about the indiscriminate killing of working class Londoners - Christian, and Muslim, Hindu and Jew, young and old. But how indiscriminate were the killings that have taken place throughout Iraq and Afghanistan?

Tony Blair spoke about respect for human life. How have we showed respect for human life in the way we have conducted ourselves in other countries? He says that these people are extremists trying to enforce their views on others. But what does he think we are doing by enforcing our version of ‘democracy’ on people, the empire of capitalism, forcing people to trade on our terms and our terms only?

George Bush, coherent as ever, wittered on about his homeland security folks. Thanks George.

Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury), came out of a meeting where he was actually TALKING with Muslim leaders in West Yorkshire. Novel approach.

My own reaction has just been a wanting to talk with people about it, to connect with others and share feelings. I've experienced a number of people seeming to feel like this. One of my friends told me about a trolley collector in Asda preaching in the car park to anyone who would listen. This got me thinking about people's need/desire to talk, to voice their opinions, which has been discussed in the emerging culture conversation.


Keith United said...

Hi Phil,

I work for George Lings in Sheffield Church Army, and my wife will be leading Re:Source from next week. We live in Sheffield and are part of a community that has these kind of discussions, and are exploring emerging church etc. Fancy coming along and meeting us? Might be good to share ideas and friendship. Me & Beth are the oldest at 28-9, which may or may not be a good thing.

If you want, check out , or to get a feel.


laurence keith

andrew said...


Pertinent thoughts. Thank you.
As I see it, whenever we respond to aggression with aggression, violence with violence, then we have capitulated; that ever since 9/11 the course of action pursued by George W Bush and Tony Blair means that Al-Quaeda is "winning the war" - has won the ideological war, out of which we choose to act.

My hope is that the G8 leaders will embrace a different approach - of loving our enemies - that will disarm BOTH "terrorists" and potential terrorists, AND Western nations...
Every blessing,

St. Valdez said...

Andrew - I don't mean to be rude or sarcastic...please don't take this that way.

But your comment compels me to ask, because I would have no idea where to begin...How would you love these enemies who seek to kill us in various ways? Where would we begin? How would "love your enemies" be fleshed out in this situation?