Wednesday, September 14, 2005

blog = opportunity for slating others????

Now in comparison to some people I'm pretty new at this whole blogging thing. It may be the case that I don't 'get it', but just recently I've become increasingly frustrated with some of the blogs I've been reading, especially some of the comments on blogs I've been reading.

You see, for me blogging is not about finding new and creative ways to slate other people's ideas. It actually hurts me to see some of the 'un-thought-through' criticisms and slatings that various people feel it's acceptable to post. It can be a strength but increasingly I fear it is a weakness of blogging, that people's thoughts get posted so quickly, at times it appears, with the potential consequences not being fully thought through. I wonder how healthy the allowable levels of anonymity are? Do people not realise the potential hurt their words can inflict?

I think that blogging can provide opportunities for true dialogue to occur, but it often seems that blogging just provides further opportunties for people (myself included) to go on thinking that we've got the right answer in our little clique.

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Royal said...

You don't know what your talking about......Just Kidding......At least we can delete.......Just like God hit the Jesus button to delete our thought out and not thought out sins.

God Bless