Monday, December 05, 2005

challenges and opportunities facing youth ministry today

Below is a collection of thoughts I put together for a job interview presentation a few weeks ago. I was asked to consider the challenges and opportunities facing youth ministry today. I'd be interested to here anyone elses thoughts/comments....

Support and Develop existing ministry
• Help churches take ownership of the youth work
• Mobilise volunteers
• Raise funds
• Support and empower leaders
• Appropriate and adequate training

Explore, Imagine and Create new models of ministry
• Acknowledge our short comings
• Explore what the Gospel means for young people today, in the differing contexts in which we live
• Equip and empower churches, leaders and young people
• Remain accountable
• Create sustainable and effective models of ministry

Work together
• Communicate with one another
• Learn from one another
• Be accountable to one another
• Appreciate different models of ministry
• Help people recognise the potential that already exists
• Think strategically, as we look to serve young people, schools and local communities
• Model behaviour and attitudes to young people
• Remain flexible

Fulfil our calling
• Be a part of God’s mission, sharing His Good News with all young people
• Create space for young people to think, to explore faith and spirituality
• Support and nurture young people as they grow
• Help young people experience fullness of life

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