Sunday, December 04, 2005


One of the questions that has come up repeatedly in the RE lessons I've been doing, has been about how Christians can believe in God, when there is so much suffering in the world.

Up until now my answers have kinda been based around the idea that God gave humans freewill, to act as we choose, but that the choices we make can affect others, and possibly cause them suffering.

I guess that I still hold to this, and I know that this doesn't really explain natural disasters and stuff like that, but as I was watching Joseph last night, I was reminded of how many people in the Bible suffered.

It got me thinking that perhaps yes, humans do cause some suffering to other humans, but the Bible provides us with examples of how people live through suffering (or not), of how people can trust God in the midst of their suffering.

Just a thought....but one which encouraged me...

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