Saturday, January 07, 2006

oh that feels good

I've just finished my essays. :o)

100065 words in a little over two weeks. That ain't bad going in my book.

Ok so I've still got bibiliographies n all that jazz to do, but basically, I'VE FINISHED.


Now I've just gotta get up for church tomorrow morning, and lauch the idea of an open youth club to the congregation. Hmmmmmm. Will let y'all know how it goes......

Nevertheless, as I predicted this morning, today has been a good day. Not only have I finished my essays, but Chesterfield finally managed to win a game. 1-0 against Bradford. That'll do. Previous to that we'd drawn 8 games on the trot. Admittedly we were unbeaten, but drawing ain't much fun. Not to worry, we're back to winning ways least unti I go to see them against Doncaster next week. My vicar, with whom I'm going, is something of Doncaster Rovers fan.....;o)

1 comment:

Luce said...

that is a lot of words!!

very good work

how did it go with church and open youth group?

hope all continues to go well