Friday, February 03, 2006

signs of stress

I was clearing through some old notes and stuff from back in the days when I used to work for YFC (not something I admit to everyday). Amongst the stuff that went straight into the paper recylcing bin I found a handout entitled "Signs of Stress"....

One of two symptoms of stress for short periods is normal. Several of the symptoms listed below, particularly if they are prolonged, are signs that stress is not being shaken off.

Among the signs of stress are the following:

Unwillingness to support colleagues
Loss of weight
Frustration due to little sense of achievement
Increas in consumption of alcohol
Inability to make decisions
Displaced aggression
Marital of family conflict
Chronic and transferable anxiety
Back pain
Guilt feelings
Withdrawal from people
Continual feeling of exhaustion
An uninterrupted desire to leave
Feverish activity with little purpose
Tension headaches
Frequent anger
Feelings of isolation
Nervous skin rashes
Hyper-sensitivity to criticism
General irritablity
Feelings of fear an an unwillingness to face challenges
Frequent absence from work
Inability to concentrate
Strong feelings of being unable to cope
Frequen inability to sleep
Over eating
Resort to, or large increase in smoking

Familiar to anyone else at all.....

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Roy said...

90% of them are me!!!! Either I am stressed or a hyperchondriac!