Thursday, February 09, 2006

well it could have been a worse day

Ok, ok. So those are hardly the words of an optimist. But consider my cold and general feeling a bit down, it's not been a bad day.

This morning I was 'interviewed' bu my friend Rich. Rich is another youth worker in Sheffield. He too is doing an MA, but at Durham. He was interviewing me as the 'pilot' for his reseach project - something about why church based youth workers do (or do not) work with other agencies.

As part of the interview process, which as it was being recorded I made sure there were plenty of coughs and splutters aimed at the dictophone, there were a number of questions about my job, and particularly the way in which I am managed or supervised.

This got me thinking about how much I actually like/need/thrive off supervision, and it got me wondering about whether I'm making the most of my current situation. As you can probably guess by what I'm saying, I have a hunch that my current situation could be improved....might have to be all pro-active and see what I can do.

Also, as I was perusing t'interweb this evening I discovered that my friend Anna is blogging. So go and say hello to her. If you want to.

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