Sunday, February 05, 2006

the weekend

Has been a fairly good weekend actually.

On Saturday I went to watch Chesterfield. Bless 'em. We drew again. 1-1 against Gillingham. The positive spin on the result is that we're 15 games unbeaten. The negative spin is that we've only won 4 matches in our last 15 games.

Ah well. We're still 7th. Every so often I catch myself thinking that we've got a chance of promotion.

Saturday evening I went out for drinks and a curry with some mates. Was a good night. I do like Indian food - I developed quite a taste for it when I loved in Birmingham.

Sunday (=busy) hasn't been too bad either. It was Family Service at church this morning (we still don't have a website so I can't link to it). Family Service means Parade for the Uniformed Organisation. There was also a baptism going on. Even so, attendance was really good. There must have been over 150 people there, and bearing in mind there are just under 180 chairs, that's not bad going. I know I shouldn't get hung up on numbers, but it was pretty encouraging to stand at the back of church and struggle to find somewhere to sit down.

Youth group this evening also went well (I could get used to this...). We were doing stuff on priorities - what infleunces our decisions etc (Matt 6:25-34 and Col 3:15-17). It went well. This particular group was struggling with numbers at the beginning of term (again - I know numbers aren't the be all and end all - but when no-one turns up you have to reflect). But over the last couple of weeks (nearly) everyone has been attending regularly (6 of them), and it's been really encouraging.

So there are the highlights of my weekend.

OOOOH - I also realised that Harry Collier of Kubb fame used to be in a band I absolutely loved when I was growing up - Rootjoose. He (Harry) was being interviewed on Jonathan Ross on Saturday morning. Am loving what Kubb are putting out. It could never compare with the legendary stuff 'the joose' used to put out, well, maybe it could. Anyway. I should to go bed now....

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