Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ok, so I didn't quite get round to blogging in December, after all those optimistic thoughts in November about getting back to blogging more regularly. And I'm not going to do anything daft like making New Years Resolutions about blogging all the time, because if the last year is anything to go by, then that would indeed by a naively optimistic ambition.

However, having had some time off over Christmas, time to reflect on the past year, to think about life and what is important to me, I know that I do want to spend more time throughout the year thinking, and reflecting and writing. Some of you reading this who know me well will probably laugh at this point, as I do quite a lot of thinking as it is. But to be honest some of this thinking time is wasting time, dwelling on things which do not need dwelling on, worrying about things which do not need worrying about. Instead of doing this, I want to think constructively, to reflect critically, and to engage with others as we journey.

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