Wednesday, January 30, 2008

no country for old men

So yesterday, having had to rearrange my day off as I worked on Monday, I went to watch 'No Country For Old Men'. I'd heard that it was meant to be pretty good (Oscar nominations are a bit of a giveaway) and I wasn't disappointed.

The bleakness of the landscapes, and bleakness of the situations in which the characters found themselves was wonderfully portrayed.

Part of me was a little frustrated that the audience doesn't get to learn a whole lot about the history of the characters, but I guess that just adds to the bleakness of it all.

I came away from the film not entirely sure how to feel. I'd enjoyed the film, but I wasn't quite sure why. I guess the ending was a bit sudden, it certainly wasn't a 'happy ending', though with the Coen brothers directing it was never likely to end in a conventional fashion. In some ways it was almost rather haunting, possibly depressing, that people could act in such a way. The fact that we don't know much about the background of the characters, for me, merely adds to this sentiment.

But don't get me wrong, it is worth seeing.

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