Wednesday, January 09, 2008

on retreat

I know that no one will probably notice the lack of blogging action which this blog will witness in the next couple of days, but the reason for this will be that I shall be on retreat.

From Wednesday to Sunday I shall not be speaking to people. Which will be rather nice. The retreat is part of this course that I'm doing (that church pay for, as part of my ongoing professional development), which is rather grandly titled 'The Art of Spiritual Accompaniment'. The course is run by Sheffield Diocese, and its really good. I love the regular time out that it provides, a couple of days a month, time to be still, to pray, to just be, time for input, time to be challenged. I really value it, despite the fact that I'm one of two male participants in a group of nearly twenty, and possibly the only participant under forty, more likely under fifty. And I'm twenty-six, just for the record. I hope this means I'm not getting old before my time.

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Sarah Brush said...

Go well, friend. Enjoy your retreat. Might even remember you in my prayers down here. :o)

Consider it a balance to Taize to be with older people!