Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the importance of blogging holistically

During the sesion on the Spirituality of Blogging, the point was made about the importance of blogging holistically. There was a brief discussion about running a number of blogs, writing to different audiences, and whether this constitutes keeping bits of our lives seperate? Whether it does or not, I believe it is important to have a holistic attitude to blogging, to blog about all areas of our life, in a manner which shows who we are as whole people.

In the past people have questioned my blogging about football, in particular Chesterfield F.C.. But a being a Chesterfield fan is a part of who I am, it helps to define me.

For this reason I will contine to blog about football, in particular the ups and downs of Chesterfield F.C., and will take this opportunity to shamelessly celebrate our second victory of the season, which sees us climb out to the relegation zone (Unfortunately I am thinking about relegation before August has finished).


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Blog on in your holistic way. It's the ONLY way I hear about Chesterfield and it's much more YOU.

fritzon said...

yeah, i've been thinking about it a bit lately, and i definitely agree with you.. my life is a mess of god, church, friends, studies, football, music - and it seems that my blog should reflect all of it..

Alastair said...

Absolutely agree, God is very much mixed up in the flesh and bone of everyday life, so if our Blog is to represent something of who and what we are we need to share some of that with others - in the same way that the best evangelism is done by those who are 'real' not cardboard cut out Christians who pretend everything is OK from the moment one takes on faith.

As an aside, i should say i find i was slightly disturbed by another post (below this one) which was headed 'running into God' followed closely by 'Went to hear Dave Tomlinson speak...' I have a huge amount of respect for Dave, but that seems a bit of an overstatement, eh? LOL :-)