Tuesday, August 16, 2005

taize, one week on

Well it's just over a week since I got back from Taize. It was never going to be a normal week, coming back from an experience like Taize is always going to give you things to think about and reflect on. Spending some time reflecting on where I'm going in life, about work and relationships, has been pretty tiring, and kind of stressful. I've struggled to concentrate on work (not much new there then), but it can be hard to focus on the short term things when you're considering some longer term things.

Perhaps I needed a bit of a kick up the back side. Maybe I was/am feeling too comfortable at the moment. A little bit of disruption cause you to reassess where things are going, whats important etc.

I know Taize gave me plenty of space to think and reflect. But it almost seems like all my questions about where my life is going, have come to a head after I get back. My initial thought was that this seems to be the wrong way round. It would have been great to reflect on some of these questions while away. But perhaps my time at Taize has shown me how much I need some structured reflective time (as against time when I just sit around and think about stuff as and when) in my daily life. It has shown me that I am able to be that disciplined.

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Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Taize is certainly not normal the first time you experience.

God bless you in your continued thinking and reflecting.

S. x