Thursday, September 21, 2006

good news

No, I'm not still going on about last night's cracking result, well, not too much. I've just been listening to Radio 5 Live, where Tim Evans (of Worth Unlimited and Dave Wiles (of Frontier Youth Trust)have been interviewed about a journey their making from Bristol to Liverpool via Cardiff and Birmingham. More details about their trip can be seen here.

If you missed it then you'll be able to listen again to the interview on Thursday's morning phone-in (that's Thursday 21st no Thursday 14th). The interview started at about quarter past 10 or there abouts. Not sure when it will be uploaded, maybe later today, but definitely tomorrow (Friday 22nd).

Tim was my boss when I worked in Birmingham a few years ago, we still meet up every so often. Caught up with him at Greenbelt this summer, where was did a good session about working with 'difficult' young people.

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