Monday, September 11, 2006

what a fruitful weekend

On Saturday I went to my first Chesterfield match of the season (with Moog). We won 2-1, against Rotherham. Fantastic.

Also on Saturday I spent some time with Jo (with whom I was at uni), her husband Al, and various other relatives/friends of theirs. It was Jo's birthday. While we were out and about, we managed to procure various fruits, namely damsons and sloes. Yesterday and today, I have made damson and apple jam, some damson cheese (a really thick set preserve with a similar consistency to cheese) and have started off some damson gin. I'll get the sloe gin started once I've been to Tesco later today. This follows last weeks production of plum jam (plums from my Mum n Dad's house) and some lemon curd. Soon I'll need to go get some blackberries.....

I love autumn. I love the fact that there is so much food you can get for free from the countryside. I think it's healthy to remind myself where food comes from, and not just go to the shops everytime I need to get something. I also enjoy making preserves like this, cos it just slows down the pace of life for a bit. You can't rush it, you just have to be patient. In a world where everything is about speed and efficiency, I think it is good to slow down every so often.

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