Wednesday, September 13, 2006

just some thoughts

Last night I went to the first session of "Spiritual Growth and Discipleship: A course in Listening to God, self and others" - which is a course run by Sheffield Diocese, which I will be undertaking over the next few months.

To be honest I don't feel like I've given the course a whole lot of thought. Last night was suddenly there. Not quite sure how I'm feeling about it really. I'd been warned in advance that the majority of the people on the course would be middle-aged women. And they were.

I think it might be an interesting experience to be a minority group for a change. Most youth workers round here seem to be young-ish males. I think it might do me good to be in a different situation. One thing that I am looking forward to having that time and space to pray, and to be silent, and to be. That's one thing that I've really learnt this summer, to appreciate times of silence.

Speaking of which, at the moment the tv aerial in my house is broken, which means no tv. Obviously. But actually I've come to quite enjoy it. Its great not having the distraction there when I'm meant to be working at home during the day. And its meant that I've rediscovered listening to the radio. All good.

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