Wednesday, September 20, 2006

last night

Last night I went to The Boardwalk, in Sheffield, and was treated to a multitude of rather good musical acts. (Does three count as a multitude?)

King Quentin are Sheffield based duo consisting of Jo (my housemate) and Harry. I've been treated to a lot of Jo's song-writing and generaly musical ability since he moved in, but it was cool to see them playing a venue other than the living room.

Bill Mallonee is, erm.... Jo's hero - musically speaking at any rate. I'd never seen him live before, though I've been hearing his stuff on CD for a number of months now. Bill was fantastic. He was incredibly 'human' - good stories in between songs, and songs that told stories as well. Some of his lyrics were excellent, really clever use of words. He also finished his set talking about Jesus on myspace - "cos Jesus has done the whole incarnate flesh thing, how might God want to speak to us today?.......I like to think of God as an innovator"

The third act of the night was Stewboss. To be honest, none of us were massively bothered about seeing these guys. We wanted to see King Quentin, and we wanted to see Bill Mallonee cos Jo and gone on and on about him. But these guys turned out to be really good. I'd heard them briefly on the radio show of the legend that is Bob Harris. The crowd was, to be fair, pretty quiet for the most part of their set. But some gratuitous solos, ridiculous facial expressions and head movements (esp. from the bass player), threats of nudity and general raucousness livened things up. At one point the guitarist jumped down from the stage into the audience, and encouraged/forced us to sing along, while balancing precariously on a rather small table. I'd definitely recommend you to go see these guys live if you get the chance. They've got the potential, as they so modestly state on their myspace page, to be "your next favourite band".

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