Friday, September 01, 2006

it really is the end of the summer now....

Back to work properly now. hmmmm. Tis good really I suppose, but it does mean the summer has ended, and the current weather is making it feel autumnal all too quickly.

At the moment I'm in the middle of writing my dissertation. Those of you who read this blog every so often will know that I'm writing about the terms 'youth work' and 'youth ministry'. If I may be so bold to say, it's actually going quite well. I know I've got loads of work to do yet, but it ain't going badly.

Initially when I started writing my disseration I quite wanted to come up with a nice clear cut definition of what constitutes 'youth work' and what constitutes 'youth ministry'. I'm not sure I'm really gonna manage that. I'm not entirely sure that is a manageable task. However what I do think I will do is explore different understandings of the two terms, and discuss some ways in which they differ, but more interestingly (imho) some ways in which they might actually be very similar. We'll see. But I'll definitely post some more on this by the end of the month (when I have to hand my work in), so keep checking back to see what I've got to say - if you're interested that is.

Anyway, thought I'd also link to some friend's blogs which I've recently discovered. In no particular order: Matt, Andrew and Jen and Harry and Zoey.

So there you go.


Mr Jones said...

Cheers for the link.

It would be great to see your dissertation online...Perversely, I actually enjoy reading things like that :)

Andrew Seaton said...

You know what my grandfather says ... "get back to work" (Cool Runnings)

moog said...

the spireites are playing rotherham on sat, I shall probably be going.