Tuesday, October 11, 2005

football for free!!!!!!

This evening I went to watch football for free!!!! Woohoooooo!!! I went to Hillsborough - home of Sheffield Wednseday, to watch England under 21s vs Poland under 21s. We (England) won 4-1. Which is rather nice. It was a great first half - 3-1 at half time, but the second half was rather tired, a bit dull if I'm honest.

But it was free, thanks to my mate Gareth, or rather thanks to Gareth's, fiancee Alison's boss, who got given a pair of complimentary tickets, which ended up in mine and Gareth's hands.

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Rowan said...

I went and saw Wales play Azerbaijan On Wednesday in the Millenium Stadium, free thanks to my friends dad :D wooo... i don't even like football.