Saturday, October 15, 2005

very fast, very dangerous

Last night I went to see a band called Reuben. They were cool. Suitably loud, suitably heavy (I mean that in a rock music style rather than a cool/'urban' style).

This morning I slept. Well, kind of. I dozed, while listening to Radio 4. Now this might sound a tad peculiar. But the other week I was talking to someone and he was telling me what he did when he couldn't sleep (he'd had some operation relatively recently, the pain kept him awake at night). He said how in the middle of the night, Radio 4 is great to listen to because its just people talking, in relatively smooth, easy to listen to voices. I thought I'd try listening to Radio 4 this morning whilst dozing. And it was great. Every so often when I woke up I'd get little snippets of interesting conversation. Brilliant.

This afternoon I went over to my Mum and Dad's and helped my Dad re-lay some paving slaps in the back garden that have been uneven for years. It was actually quite fun.

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Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

You do realise that listening to Radio 4 for any length of time is one of the signs of ageing... ;o)