Sunday, October 16, 2005

well there aren't really any new ideas are there?

This morning at Sunday School I borrowed an idea for how to discuss the Trinity. The session went well, but it was quite short, due to the fact that there were a couple of baptisms this morning, one of whom was one of the members of my Sunday School group.

We've had a new vicar at Holy Trinity, I'm guessing I've mentioned this before. At the end of each service he gets feedback from the children's and young people's groups about what we've been up to. Initially I was a bit sceptical about this, but now I really appreciate it, as it raises the profile of the youth work. We have, however, cottoned on to what he does, and the young people in my group are now primed with answers which will get some sort of a reaction. Last week we dealt with atonement in 40 minutes (it's not that complex a subject is it?), and this week we had been comparing the Trinity to Jaffa Cakes.

After the service I had been invited round to the house of the member of my Sunday School group who had been baptised, for food (loads of it) and drinks (some v good red wine was flowing!!). The fact that the jaffa cakes had been mentioned served as a good discussion started - it got me known. But I also realised how glad I am that I work for a church. It instantly means that people know (vaguely) where I stand on stuff (ie. I have some belief in God - whatever that means), which can lead to some interesting conversations. I don't doubt that the quantity of wine we had drunk meant we were a little more forthcoming in our conversations, but I just felt really pleased to have been able to be me, sharing a little bit about what motivates me, why I do what I do, with other people. It felt good. I want to do it more.....

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Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Certainly don't seem to be any new ideas on here ar the mo!

Not even a massive celebration about Chesterfield winning 4-3???