Tuesday, May 09, 2006

16 blocks

For ths first time in what felt like absolutely ages, I went to the cinema last night. I went to see 16 Blocks (though we were torn between watching that and Mission Impossible 3 - MI:III).

I really enjoyed the film, and if you felt so inclined there are all number of threads you could reflect on, especially with young people (it's a 12A - which is good), subjects such as doing the right thing, truth, whether or not people can really change, it's a good film.

The film stars Bruce Willis (who is definitely getting older), and Mos Def (who put in a brilliant performance imho). Bruce is an ageing detective, and Mos Def is a petty criminal who has an inability to stop talking. Yes it is an action film, with a fair bit of shooting and chasing, but I thought it was pretty well thought out, with some interesting characters in there. If you don't go to see it at the cinema, it's definitely worth renting when it becomes available.

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