Wednesday, May 24, 2006

da vinci disappointment

Yesterday I went to watch the much-hyped Da Vinci Code.

I was disappointed.

For me, the page-turning excitment of the book just didn't come across in the film. Now I accept that this might be because I'd read the book, only once mind you, and so I knew what was going to happen. But there are other films (Bourne Identity + Bourne Supermacy being just two examples), where I can watch them time and again, knowing exaclty what is going to happen next, and still feel excited.

As has been said in the press and on the radio, Paul Bettany was very good in his role as self-mutilating albino monk Silas. I can see what people mean when they say Tom Hanks was a bit wooden, possibly mis-cast, but for me that wasn't what let the film down. It simply didn't excite me.

Having said all this, I am glad I went to see it. The film refreshed my mind of certain parts of the book. All in all it is a good film, but as has also been said in other places, the film is possibly a victim of its own hype.

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