Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Yesterday evening, before going to the cinema, I had dinner with a friend I used to go to school with. We'd caught up at another school-friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago, and on realising that we were living kinda close decided meeting up again would not be beyond the realms of possibility.

During our conversation, when we were talking about our respective jobs, she said words to the effect of 'you must find it very fulfilling'. I laughed at this, explaining why I found these repeatedly uttered words something of a cliché. Perhaps I shouldn't have done.

But later on in the evening it got me thinking. Is it fulfilling me? Do other people's jobs fulfill them?

I think I do feel a certain sense of fulfillment in what I do. I enjoy it. I'm doing something which is not just about a 9-5 commitment. I'm doing something which I believe in. But then surely lots of other people feel this way about their work as well? Do they? I think I need to carry on this conversation....

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