Monday, May 08, 2006


Not quite back into the pattern of blogging regularly. Sorry.

I'm currently enjoying a day off today. It's great. I've done very little.

This weekend was our church weekend away. We went to a conference centre called Sneaton Castle, near Whitby. It's a very nice place. As well as being a conference centre type place, it is also home to a community of nuns.

Yesterday afternoon, before driving home, I went into Whitby to go and have a look at Whitby Abbey. Having had fairly good weather the previous couple of days, Sunday was really quite grim. It was damp and horrible, quite misty.....

Even so, it was cool to go for a wander round. It's perched right on the cliff top, and must have been a really bleak place to be in the winter, and most of the rest of the year.

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Pete said...

Hi Phil,
It is good to hear you're musings are back online! They always create an interesting read!
I've been to and stayed at Sneaton Castle a number of times. It's a great place! Whitby's also a place Gabs and I like to go to when we're "in the neighbourhood" as it always seems so refreshing. Did you go for a walk out along the pier? That really blows the cobwebs out!